Time Timer

1-Time Timer® to visually “show” the passage of time through the use of a patented red disk that disappears as time elapses.

Black, Red, and Green Markers

10 of each color.  The black ones should be used for the white board/paper/ideapaint (whatever you use to right down your ideas).  The red and green markers can be used for Fridays note taking.

Chromalabel Tabs

1-roll of 1/4″ blue stickers and 1-roll of 3/4″ red stickers.  These will be used on day 3 of your sprint to upvote certain ideas and help you make decisions.

Sprint Kit


10 – 3×5″ yellow notepads.  For sketching ideas on smaller paper sizes and used for idea mapping.  The ideas are then transported onto paper and taped on the walls for consolidation.

Paper, Pens, and Folders

100 sheets of paper, 5 folders, and 10 felt-tip pens.  For sketching – lots of sketching.  Don’t worry no artistry necessary.  The folders can be used for team members or if you need to change rooms during the week and consolidate your day’s activities.

Carrying Case

Keep all your materials in The Sprint Kit carrying case when you need to tidy up the office or switch locations on your way to solving your biggest problem!


The Sprint Book

Solve Big Problems

Based on the booked written by Google Ventures designer Jake Knapp, Sprints are a unique way to solve your biggest problems in a 5-day period.  Top startups around the globe are running sprints to solve their biggest issues using the ideas talked about in The Sprint Book.